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Questions and Corrections

Do you have questions, corrections, tales, or other information you'd like to share with The Virtual Pram Museum? Please send us email!

How You Can Help Us

Do you have old pram, carriage or stroller catalogs, flyers, or instruction manuals? Maybe advertisements in old magazines? Materials of this kind help The Virtual Pram Museum figure out how old our prams and strollers are. We'd love to have any stroller- or carriage-related items, paper or otherwise, that have outlived their usefulness to you. Please send us an email if you have such items which may be of interest to us. We'd love to have photocopies, if you prefer not to part with your originals.


Do you own a quirky pram, carriage or stroller that you no longer need, or have space to store? Consider donating it to The Virtual Pram Museum, where it will be cared for and valued. Unfortunately, The Virtual Pram Museum does not have an acquisitions budget, but we may be able to pay for shipping, so that your donation does not have to involve any cost to you. Please email so that we can make arrangements.

Photos and Anecdotes

Did a stroller, carriage or pram play an important role in your life? Eventually, we'd like to add a gallery of photos of pictures of vehicles in use out in the world. If you have a photo or an interesting story you'd like to share, please email.

Looking Forward

In time, we expect to post new pages to The Virtual Pram Museum web site, including those mentioned directly above, as well as others, including parts and repair information. Let us know if there is any other information you'd like to see here! Just send an email along to us!


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