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Hedstrom, USA (1940s?)

Photo of a Hedstrom doll buggy

This deep, wooden-bodied Hedstrom doll carriage has an early synthetic hood with a sun visor, and a very modern decoration on the side of the body.

Note the "boodle" in the lower front of the photo. The metal latch at the top of the wood panel releases the fabric expansion which makes the "boodle," giving the occupant much more room. (Or making extra room for shopping, bottles or toys.)

The foot-operated brake locks two wheels, just as it should.

Photo of interior of Hedstrom doll buggy.


  • blue wood
  • with vinyl hood
  • deep body
  • wire-spoked wheels
  • black rubber tires
  • "boodle" foot

Welsh Twin Doll Stroller, USA (1980s)

Photo of a Welsh twin doll stroller.Another photo of a Welsh twin doll stroller.


  • twin doll stroller
  • navy blue with grey and red trim
  • small wire basket and navy canopy
  • flat fold
  • fixed wheels
  • silver aluminum frame
  • duplicate of full-size product
Photo of Welsh twin doll stroller, folded.
Photo of a Welsh twin doll stroller in carriage mode.

Just like the full-size models, this doll stroller turns into a roomy carriage for one baby once the front seat is fully reclined.

This twin model also folds compactly, making it extremely portable -- more portable than the dolls meant to ride in it!

Unknown Manufacturer, USA (1950s?)

Photo of blue doll carriage.


  • blue vinyl doll carriage
  • white vinyl interior
  • sun visor on hood
  • flat fold
  • fixed wheels
  • white rubber tires
  • full brake, foot-operated, on two tires

Coloma Telescopica, Spain (1980s)

Photo not yet available.
  • flat fold
  • umbrella-style handles
  • front swivel wheels
  • pink metal frame
  • multi-color mesh seat

Coloma Y Pastoo Diseno, Spain (1990s)

Photo of Coloma Y Pastoo Diseno Stroller.


  • floral
  • flat fold
  • front swivel wheels
  • white metal frame
  • blue plastic basket

Welsh Doll Buggy, USA (1970s)

Photo not yet available.


  • blue and white vinyl plaid
  • large, wire-spoked wheels
  • vinyl tires
  • White interior
  • full hood
  • metal trim rail on carriage body
  • platform under carriage for use as bassinet

Unknown Manufacturer, USA (1970s?)

Photo not yet available.


  • navy blue
  • oversized
  • fiberboard body
  • silver vinyl interior
  • large wire-spoked wheels
  • Missing hood

Lloyd, Orillia-Canada (1970s?)

Photo of a Lloyd doll pram. This beautiful little buggy is Canadian. An extravagant and wonderful red, it's also a marvel of sensible and sturdy design. The best engineering feature must be the vinyl-covered handles front and back on the bed which make lifting and carrying really easy. This carriage undoubtedly had a storm shield to go with the elegant, embossed hood, as there are snaps installed on the body.


  • red steel body
  • white embossed vinyl hood
  • sun shade on hood
  • snaps on body for storm apron
  • vinyl-clad handles front and back
  • large metal-spoked wheels
  • white rubber tires
Photo of the Arbiter in the Lloyd doll pram.

The Arbiter testing the little red pram.

Welsh E-Z-Fold Doll Stroller, USA (1950s)

Photo not yet available.


  • flat fold
  • fixed, wire-spoked wheels
  • rubber wheels
  • silver colored metal frame
  • original fabric grey vinyl
  • replaced with grey corduroy with floral lining
  • fabric basket on wire frame
  • duplicate of full-sized product


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