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The  Virtual Pram Museum's Carriage Gallery

Not all of The Virtual Pram Museum's carriages appear in the following pages. Many of our carriages and strollers are still not photographed for the web, and we will be adding the new portraits (and updating the old) as images become available.

Most of The Virtual Pram Museum's carriages are made in the USA, where carriage-making developed differently than in Great Britain. Although we never quite developed a level of elegance like that of the British coach-built pram, some of The Virtual Pram Museum's buggies demonstrate an approach that is interesting in quite another way.

Most often, the 'Made in USA' models illustrate a particularly Yankee ingenuity. Notable are the complicated systems which include not only a carriage, but a carriage combined with stroller, a stroller, a car seat, or an entire nursery. To review examples of these, visit our Combinations page as well as the Carriage Gallery on the following pages.


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