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Carriages circa 1920-1940

Travel-E-Zee (1920s) (USA)

Photo of Travel-E-Zee

This carriage is a very early mobile model, perhaps one of the first designed to be transported in a family sedan. Even though it is a full-sized buggy, its compact size when folded would also have made it easy to store. The body swings easily on the frame -- easily enough to be dangerous, which the last user had noticed: One end of the handle had been sensibly wired to restrict the arc.

Other interesting features of this buggy include a fabric panel which can be adjusted so that the baby can sit up comfortably, and a large and deep "secret" compartment under the bed.


  • canvas body
  • black painted steel frame
  • wood handle
  • deep bed with hidden compartment
  • color was originally burgundy
  • swings from side to side
  • frame folds flat
  • compact metal wheels
  • black rubber tires
Photo of Travel-E-Zee

Stroll-O-Chair (1940s) (USA)

Image of Stroll-O-Chair Carriage, 1940s

An early version of the Babyhood on the Combinations page, this bulky but appealing carriage shares some of the same features, and probably was also sold with a variety of accessories. The carriage body could be removed for use as a separate bed, or as a basinet on its own stand. These tank-like carriages were strong and sturdy, but not lightweight or particularly easy to store -- kind of the Cadillac of the post-war era.


  • deep body, blue vinyl
  • silver metal frame with full suspension
  • wire-spoked wheels
  • body removes, reverses
  • full hood with sunshade
  • handle folds and wheels detach


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