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The Virtual Pram Museum's Carriage Gallery

Carriages circa 1970

Perego Venezia, Italy

Image of Perego Venezia Carriage

This beautiful wicker carriage was Perego's creme de la creme. It was the last of the truly impractical Peregos: the body doesn't collapse at all, and wicker is frangible, so storage really is an issue here. Even so (or perhaps because of all the above!) we think this is an exquisite melding of an almost-practical frame with an body which evokes the best of bygone prams in an almost-practical size.

Other carriage beds in Perego's line were in the same fabrics and materials as the stroller seats, and could be collapsed flat for storage. Within a decade or so, all of these sorts of carriages became increasingly uncommon, and luxury strollers were more and more often designed so that they would look like carriages once boots and hoods were in place, eliminating the need for a separate carriage bed.

We didn't have this pram when The Heir, was little, though we had acquired its cousin stroller, the Confiori before The Heir was born. We were lucky enough to find the Venezia years later, after it had become a storage problem for someone else!


  • natural wicker body
  • dark brown velour hood and storm shield
  • cream interior
  • chrome frame
  • bed framed for use as a bassinet
  • over-sized white tires
  • metal-spoked wheels
  • black plastic hupcaps
  • 12b metal frame


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