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Photo of a futuristic Gecko stroller.


Photo of a Walk-About light and portable all-terrain stroller.


Photo of a Silver Cross Oberon Doll Carriage.

Silver Cross for Dolls

Domestic Sellers: Cautions Apply, see Advice!

Graco -- Standard US quality, with some (unrealized) European design pretensions. (USA)

Cosco -- Lower than standard US quality, with no pretensions. (USA)

Century -- Ditto.

InStep -- Stroller-like "all-terrain" model; backpack strollers. Economy models, but with more creative than usual thinking. (USA)

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Luxury, better quality products.

Perego -- The choice for status -- but guess what? The product's well-made and durable. We recommend the Pilko Sherpa for everyone who doesn't need a full-size buggy. (Italy)

Maclaren -- Favorite urban roller in Britain. Princess Diana chose a Maclaren umbrella for her boys, instead of the royal family's venerable pram. Hsssss. Subsequent events demonstrated her imperfect understanding of history, so we forgive this unfortunate lapse. (England)

Emmajunga -- Another status symbol; well-made, can be clumsy. (Sweden)

Inglesina -- Veddy, veddy pricey. Veddy, veddy elegant! (Italy)

Mamas & Papas -- Perego look-alikes from a UK firm. Perego name-alikes, too -- we're wondering what the relationship is. (UK)

Combi -- The General Motors of the current stroller generation. (Japan)

Kidco/Bebecar -- A really nifty looking traditional-stroller-style "All-Terrain Raider Stroller and Carriage." For better information, find it on the babystyle.com site. (France)

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Eichhorn Prams -- Traditional styling; a wicker model. (Germany)

Oxley Prams -- Quirky site; traditional prams. (New Zealand)

Simo -- Traditional, with a nice twist on a twin pram. (Norway)

Silver Cross -- Not the Silver Cross site,which doesn't exist. This site belongs to a US vendor. To view most of the pram line, including amazing doll prams, see Baby Boom -- in the UK. (England)

Gordon's Production Services -- Just a few, lovingly made products, including triplet and quad side-by-sides. (Britain)

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Doll Strollers and Prams

Silver Cross Doll Pram

My Twinn -- well-made doll strollers. Offered are:

  • a least-expensive umbrella-style, which, based on the quality of their products in general, is probably a cut above other inexpensive ones
  • a middling-expensive flat-fold stroller whose design was not-so-great in the "real" version (which it copies), but is very good for dolls
  • and a combination "baby buggy, bassinet and stroller," which makes a quite a nifty little pram when the bassinet is turned toward the handle (which it isn't in the photos).

There's also a lightweight, flat-fold, beautifully thought-out stroller (with basket and hood) for 14 inch dolls -- it's under $10.

You might want to read about "A word about My Twinn" on our Curiosities page.

Silver Cross -- exceptional doll prams. These would be heirlooms-type toys, but still sturdy enough to play with before they become decor.

Simo has "miniature versions of the real Simo Carriage." Very nice!

Special Purpose

Photo of a Sit'n Stroll.

The Triplet Connection -- Good buys on strollers for multiples. (USA)

Sit-N-Stand -- One rides, one stands. Baby Trend. (USA)

Sit 'n Stroll -- Car seat/Stroller/Airplane travel. (USA)

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Special Needs

Photo of KinderKart.

Major Buggy -- Maclaren's Light, easy to transport special needs stroller for up to 140 lbs. (England)

Kinder Kart -- For older or larger kids and some special needs uses. (USA)

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Photo of a Sammy's StreetStroller.

Sammy's StreetStrollers -- Defy description. See to believe. (USA)

Britex -- Still worth a look, but less interesting as they "Graco-ize." (UK)

Gecko -- Cutting edge! Be the only one in your state with a Gecko! (Germany)

BebeConfort -- Clever, all-in-one stroller-carriage models. (France)

Walk-About -- A sleek, whole new approach to all-terrain in a stroller package. (Britain)

Babysphere -- Made by Apollo. "On-board air filtration system." (Britain)

Bertini has an all-four-wheels steerable stroller.

Baby Care, speaking of engineering, has two really innnovative examples on its Netherlands site. Click over to the home page, and take a look at the Bugaboo and the (we're not kidding!) Mutsy.

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Related Items

maplesugarbuggy.jpg - 3051 Bytes

Buffum Maple Products -- Tinmouth, Vermont purveyors of maple sugar candies in the shape of prams. Not to be missed, and a lot healthier than cigars!

Broderick offers a sterling silver baby carriage charm which looks very much like our Welsh E-Z-Fold as well as other baby charms, all priced by weight.

Barbara's Gifts and Collectibles offers a crystal pram.

Butterick Patterns offers no. 6301, a set of stroller costumes. (Really!)

"Join the Pram Collector's Circle!" declares the header on this fascinating page. Unfortunately, it's kind of a tease, as there isn't any information about joining offered. An email to the owner of the page has gone unanswered, but we'd really like to know more about the group. Wonderful picture of little Cameron in a big pram.


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