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Strollers circa 1950

Peterson Baby Products Folda Rola (USA)

Photo of Peterson Folda-Rola

This little beauty is a prominent member of the first generation of truly portable strollers. Light and zippy, with a handle that shortened in a flash, the Folda Rola fit in any car, and almost any closet. Not a stroller for babies, it was nonetheless a favorite for toddler siblings. The swivel wheels gave it a short turning radius, and once parents got used to those, there was no turning back.

The wire footrest removed easily, and the stroller could be used as a walker once the handle had been shortened. An optional tartan plaid canopy was available, as well as a wire basket which fit between the back of the seat and the handle. A twin model combined two seats with two separate handles joined by a single wooden bar across the top.


  • blue fabric seat attached to wood base
  • single wood handle
  • flat aluminium body
  • red plastic tray with colored plastic beads
  • solid metal wheels
  • black rubber tires
  • swivel front wheels


Taylor Tot (USA)

nophoto.jpg - 2659 Bytes

Strollers similar to the Taylor Tot have a history going back to the twenties. The earliest versions had a handle which was attached at the front, so that the stroller was pulled rather than pushed. By the fifties the handle had developed imaginatively, and was not only removable, but also formed a second seat, behind the first, which was useful for another toddler, or for a bag of groceries.

Competing companies made versions of this stroller, but most were virtually identical to this one. All had the beads in front(painted or stained wood at first, later replaced by plastic), a metal play or snack tray, some sort of wire bumper in front, and usually in back, a wooden seat, and a removable stamped metal foot tray. These strollers, much more than the Folda-Rolas, were very often used, with handle and foot tray removed, inside homes as walkers.

Though the handle folded, as well as being removable, the inflexible mass of the stroller seat made it less portable than the Folda Rola.


  • blue metal with painted white 'cane-look' insert
  • wooden seat (white paint on original)
  • black rubber tires
  • detachable handle with seating for additional toddler or groceries
  • detachable foot pan
  • solid metal wheels
  • black rubber tires
  • swivel front wheels


Photo of Siebert stroller. We don't know anything about the manufacturer of this stroller -- at least,not yet. The sides of the stroller are vinyl-clad board, rather than metal, and the fancy crest is made of plastic.
The Siebert crest is pretty fancy for an American stroller. It's much more common to see these on European models. Photo of Siebrt stroller crest.
Photo of folded Siebert stroller.

The footwell is strong metal, and makes the bed of the stroller into a little fortress when it's raised. The seat sides fold inward, and the handle breaks down, making a surprisingly compact business of folding.


  • navy vinyl-clad sides
  • white vinyl interior
  • metal footwell
  • single fender each side
  • reversible handle
  • large, low seat
  • chrome hub caps with mfg name in red enamel
  • white rubber tires
  • metal, spoked wheels


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