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Strollers circa 1960

Silver Cross (England)

Photo of Silver Cross Stroller

This stroller is a wonderfully eccentric cross between a carriage and a stroller -- at least in mood! Made by the venerable British firm, justly famous since 1877 for their exquisite coach-built prams, this little treasure is both sturdy and surprisingly portable.

The bed is extra long with the footrest and seat back extended; the sides fold flat against the seat and the handle folds when the unit needs to become more compact. The handle does reverse, so that baby or toddler can face either toward or away from the stroller pusher, but reversing involves removing four nuts and making the adjustment manually.

The low center of gravity makes this stroller nearly untippable, and therefore really nifty transportation for toddlers, who love all that room, and the independence of being able to climb in and out themselves. However, this is a model better suited to the country life -- the sight of babies travelling right at auto exhaust level in New York is a sobering one indeed.

This stroller was probably sold with a full pram-style hood, and an all-weather boot, but unfortunately, The Pram Museum has neither.


  • navy blue flat upholstered sides with grey interior
  • fitted mattress in gray with navy trim
  • black rubber tires
  • spoked wheels
  • adjustable footwell and backrest
  • navy waist belt
  • navy enameled frame
  • handle detaches and can be moved to front
  • full canopy was available; the Pram Museum does not own one


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